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A skilled graphic designer makes their customer stand out from the crowd. We create designs that are artistic and unique.

What We Do?

Our designs are developed with you in mind, we consult to capture your ideas so as to create a visual depiction of your concept.

At JNB Studio, we use the latest technology in large format digital printing to brand businesses, events and campaigns. We create unique logos and other corporate stationery.

We design and print promotional merchandise like posters, flyers, brochures to attract clients to your business and events.

Our home decor products are beautifully crafted digital art pieces to enhance the aesthetic quality of any room.

All our graphic designs and info-graphics are excellent for both online digital marketing and offline advertising.

Palms of paradise
Zesty Zebra
Corporate identity design Corporate identity could be described as the face of your brand. It consists of all visual branding elements, reaching beyond corporate logos to including typeface, tagline, imagery, colour palette, and tone of voice. It is seen across a number of mediums that give consumers a sense of the brand’s personality; stationery, packaging, uniforms, merchandise, brochures or online campaigns. Corporate identity design is the process of creating all these various company visuals
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Large format printing

Buy Unique Digital Art

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Elephants Digital Art designing; digital art; artist; typography;


Joannah N Bwomezi,


I am not a person of many words but I communicate and express myself through the power of art. Art has been my passion since I was a child and I realized that my passion and the skills I developed in art and design could be used to help individuals, organizations, large companies, and small businesses.

I use these skills and passion to improve the way they communicate with their friends, communities, targeted audiences or customers.

And that led to JNB Studio.

Our mission

To create unique and persuasive graphic designs for you and for your business.

We put our soul and creativeness into all our projects so that our clients can achieve their goals. Hire us to help you display your unique identity in this competitive world. Give us a call now or send an email.

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