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Professional Character Design

we create characters for animated films, comics, TV, toys, and publications.

We embrace creativity to bring into being custom characters of any complexity.

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We follow these steps to create #1 custom character designs

How we bring your custom characters to life

Process of creating the character

Process of creating the character

We develop a detailed backstory for each character. Our character designer focuses on your character motivations, fears, and desires will make them more authentic and realatable. Knowing their past experiences and relationships can also shape how they behave in your story or game.

Process of creating the character

Also we create a visual representation of your characters. We do this through sketches, digital art, or even character creators in certain games. And Pay attention to their clothing, accessories, and overall aesthetics, which should reflect your character design personality and background.

JNB Studio character design designer

More importantly we define the personality of each character.

  • Are they shy or outgoing,
  • serious or
  • humorous,
  • kind or malicious?

To help our character designer to understand how they would speak and interact with others.

character design designer

Additionally, we consider giving each character something that sets them apart from others.

Usually It could be a

  • unique skill,
  • a specific way of talking
  • moving,
  • a particular quirk, or
  • a defining physical characteristic.
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Trust and Credibility

We strive for diverse and multidimensional personalities that challenge traditional expectations.

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