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January 22, 2020

This is Me

I am a creative unique artist with refractory epilepsy.  After going through six brain surgeries, I am positive that I can motivate myself and others to do anything they put their mind and heart to.  Regardless of the fight you may be fighting, remember you are not alone. My name is Joannah N Bwomezi.  Feel free to follow me as I share my journey.
January 22, 2020

Emotional Roller Coaster

Epilepsy is an electric, shocking, wild ride. It can be an emotional roller coaster but instead of crying, I embrace the amazing ride. At times, it’s unpredictable, other times I feel the rush as the seizure comes. Epilepsy can be quite frightening, but my favorite part of the roller coaster is overcoming the downs and getting back up. Remember fear is a choice and a state of mind.  Embrace your roller coaster: In the end you’ll find you are stronger than you were when the ride begun.